Minnesota ShoreWorks LLC specializes in lakeshore restoration and erosion control solutions to naturally restore and protect shoreline ecosystems while preserving lakeshore views and recreational activities. Most shoreline restoration projects aim to re-create a natural buffer zone to improve water quality, reduce erosion and sediment deposits, and attract native wildlife. Restoring your shoreline also brings the added benefits of maintenance reduction and reduces the need for harsh pesticides to control nuisance plants and animals. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced with the often-complicated County and State shoreline regulations and will work with you to deliver a rejuvenated, stabilized shoreline that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.


We will use a combination of the following techniques/services to achieve your restoration goals and best-suit the conditions of your unique shoreline environment.

Soft Armor

Strategically placing native vegetation into organic structures constructed to endure the stress of wave and ice movement. Plants are supported within erosion control blankets or logs, allowing their root systems to naturally stabilize the shoreline as they mature. These techniques closely mimic the shoreline’s natural state, allowing new plants to adapt and flourish, protecting the earth below from erosion with their deep roots.

  • Native Plants: Native vegetation is the heart of soft armor techniques. We offer selection and installation services to ensure the right plant material is selected for your distinct shoreline conditions. Minnesota ShoreWorks partners with Hayland Woods Native Nursery, a local nursery specializing in growing native woodland species that thrive on shorelines.
  • Erosion Control Fabrics: Composed by organic fibers, blankets and logs hold soil in place on sloped shorelines. Erosion control blankets allow young plants to grow through their fibers, fostering a strong foundation for development. Slits are often made in the fabric to accommodate larger plantings

Hard Armor

The use of rock and/or boulders to line the slope of the shoreline. Rocks are placed in the water and layered up the shoreline, lined with fabric to protect the underlying soil. Native vegetation is often planted between the rocks to achieve a softer, more aesthetically pleasing look and to offer greater stability.

Rain Gardens

Specially-tailored gardens to accent your landscape that collect and infiltrate storm water from impermeable areas using native plants specifically tolerant of local soil and climate.

Erosion Control

Minnesota ShoreWorks is a Minnesota Certified Stormwater Management and Installation Contractor

  • Hydroseeding
  • Erosion Control
  • Blanket Installation
  • Slope Protection
Shoreline Restoration

Lakeshore Restoration

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